Eye360 – focusing on wellness, savings and simplicity


With our eyes always set on improving vision benefits for EyeMed members, we conducted a study of consumer attitudes to see which enhanced benefits members would value most.1 We learned that, on average, members were most interested in no-copay eye exams and additional savings on frames.

We used the insights we collected in our study to create Eye360* – an enhanced benefits package for members who visit PLUS Providers, a select group of EyeMed's in-network providers. A first generation product in the vision care industry, Eye360 focuses on wellness, savings and simplicity. Here's how.

$0 copays for eye exams: vision care is health care

When visiting a PLUS Provider, Eye360 provides members with $0 copay exams —not only saving your employees money, but also encouraging them to be proactive with their holistic health care. 

While regular eye exams can uncover vision correction needs, they can also detect signs of serious health conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and eye diseases like glaucoma and cataracts. Early detection is key to improving the chances for positive outcomes. 

Eye360 removes the cost barrier to receiving this important eye exam.

$50 frame allowance: savings and selections

With Eye360, members also get an additional $50 frame allowance when visiting PLUS Providers. That is on top of their base plan's benefits. And the savings applies to all frames carried at PLUS Provider locations, not just certain brands. 

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Built-in simplicity and convenience

Best of all, the perks of Eye360 are built right into the members' vision plans. This means there are no promo codes to remember, no coupons to clip and no claims to file. It's all automatic: Members need only visit a PLUS Provider to save. 

Also, with over 4,000 PLUS Providers nationwide, including independent, retail and online options, members will find plenty of locations nearby. 

Let’s chat the ins and outs of EyeMed benefits – including Eye360 and PLUS Providers. Reach out to your EyeMed representative today.


* Not available in all states

1 EyeMed Enhanced Benefits Conjoint Study, conducted by Value Based Strategy, 2019.

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