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Healthcare costs are rising.1  Needs are shifting. People have more to do and less time to do it. We’re changing the industry by doing more to help solve these real-world, everyday challenges. Although we’ve grown to nearly 72 million members,2 we build vision benefits 1 member, 1 challenge, 1 solution at a time – by focusing on 3 key areas.

Reinventing choice and convenience

Our diverse network gives your employees access to quality eye care and eyewear wherever they are, whenever they need it. By offering the right mix of independent providers, national and regional retailers and online options, it’s no wonder 98%2 of our members stay in-network.

Our network

Redefining flexibility and value

We know each company is as unique as its employees. So, we will work with you to design a benefits package that aligns with your clients’ needs, culture and wellness strategies. Plus, with us, employees get more bang for their buck – saving an average of 76%3 on frames, lenses, contacts, exams and more.  All with freedom of choice on what they want to purchase.

Our Benefits

Reimagining simple and transparent

We want to make it as simple as possible for your employees to take care of their vision health. With our innovative online tools, personalized member communications and award-winning customer service center (for 14 years in a row4), we make it easy for members. Plus, easy for them means easier for you, too.

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Our solutions create results

Young men wearing sunglasses with palm trees in the background.


of members are satisfied with their benefits5

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of clients agree our benefits are easy to understand6

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overall client satisfaction6

Not sure what your ideal vision solution looks like? No problem. We have data on how millions of members use their benefits — members of all kinds, in all industries, in all corners of the country. Based on this insight, we’ll make sure your benefits package includes the things your employees actually need and want.

Young woman using smartphone, walking outdoors, smiling.
Young woman using smartphone, walking outdoors, smiling.

Seems easy enough, right? Let’s talk.

Your time is valuable. The good news is you don’t need to spend a ton of time to get a lot in return with us. Click or tap to get in touch with an EyeMed rep.

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3 - EyeMed internal book of business analysis, 2022. 76% savings versus retail — Based on weighted average of sample transactions; EyeMed Insight network/$10 exam copay/$10 materials copay/$150.

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