Eye-opening savings and value


When comparing vision insurance benefits, premiums can be the first number members and employers see. But premiums don’t always reflect the costs members pay to use their benefits. It’s important to investigate beyond the premium—taking note of out-of-pocket expenses, savings and provider network size to ensure employees have their vision care needs fully met.  

Comparing a plan’s premiums vs. out-of-pocket cost

Premiums are the price of a vision insurance benefits plan. Out-of-pocket costs are what members owe at checkout. A higher premium may mean lower out-of-pocket costs, saving more money in the long run. Compare that to a low premium price, which may appear tempting, but the out-of-pocket costs can be higher and ultimately end up costing members more.

Not all plans are created equal. Evaluating how a plan’s details stack up beyond premiums is critical. Check out a real-life example in EyeMed’s related Visionary blog article: Comparing cost vs. premiums for your employees’ vision care insurance benefits.

Comparing out-of-pocket costs, coverage levels, network size and special offers helps give both employers and members a comprehensive idea of what to expect from their plan.

Special offers employees won’t want to miss*

To ensure members get the most out of their benefits, encourage them to browse EyeMed’s special offers and discounts. These added perks are found on Member Web—or at the checkout when members use their benefits online.

Examples of special offers include the following:1

  • 40% off additional pairs of glasses
  • Discounted, set pricing on hearing aids with Amplifon—up to 64% savings2
  • 20% off any remaining frame balance
  • 20% off non-covered items
  • 15% off LASIK or 5% off promotional pricing
  • Low fixed pricing for blue light filtration lens coating
  • Discounts through EyeMed’s eyeRewards member program3

EyeMed’s special offers* are designed to accommodate every budget—many of which are stackable with member benefits. This means special offers can be used in addition to the savings built into their plan already. Learn more about special offers from EyeMed here.

Empowering members to maximize their savings

To ensure members know about special offers and ways to save, EyeMed provides easy ways to help keep them in the loop:

  • Welcome Kit provided with plan enrollment
  • Text alerts with special offers and personalized benefit reminders
  • Member newsletters with a regular roundup of EyeMed’s special offers
  • Know Before You Go cost estimator tool
  • Provider Locator helps members find the perfect provider and see special offers

It all adds up—76% overall savings with EyeMed vs. retail pricing4

Staying in-network brings additional savings

Another way members can save is by choosing an in-network provider for their vision care needs.

EyeMed has America’s largest vision network.5 Members have access to 25,500 locations and 121,000 provider access points—with a network mix of 77% independent and 23% retail providers.5 And, 6 online, in-network options—making it easy for members to use their benefits anytime from anywhere.5 So it’s no surprise that nearly 98% of EyeMed members visit an in-network provider and save.6 Learn more about EyeMed’s Provider Locator here.

Did you know? Members can now shop in-network at Oakley.com and have their benefits and savings automatically applied at the checkout.7

Vision benefits get even better with Eye3608

Eye360 members can save even more when visiting a PLUS Provider. This robust network has a strong mix of 5,600+ nationwide independent, retail and online options.9

Eye360 enhanced benefits include:

  • $0 copay vision care exam
  • $50 added to their frame allowance
  • $100 second pair glasses benefit10 (applied after our industry-leading 40% off second pair of glasses discount*)

For extra value, most special offers and discounts* are stackable on top of the Eye360 benefits.  Best of all, we keep saving simple with no paperwork or promo codes—it’s built right into the benefits plan. Learn more about Eye360 features here.

More value, more savingsEye360 puts members at the center and delivers increased exam utilization, greater savings and member satisfaction.11

Seeing the big picture

The premium price on a plan doesn’t always tell a complete story. Maximizing value means determining the lowest out-of-pocket costs members will pay and the best plan option overall.

To learn more, speak with your EyeMed representative or visit eyemed.com.


1 Please see Special Offers on the Member Web for details. Offers can be combined with vision benefits but cannot be combined with other offers. Special offers are not valid in the state of Texas. Discounts are not insured benefits.

2 Average EyeMed member savings off manufacturer’s suggested retail price as of 2022 through Amplifon Hearing. Prices differ based on hearing aid model purchased. Your actual savings may vary. 

3 Discounts are in-network only and are not insured benefits. May not be available on all plans. Confirm if offered by your provider. Listed offers expire 12/31/2024. See offer for exclusions. 

4 Based on weighted average of sample transactions; EyeMed Insight network/$10 exam copay/$10 materials copay/$150 frame or contact lens allowance. Actual savings will depend on benefits, as well as provider, frame and lens selections. Retail cost based on industry averages, 2022.

5 All network data based on GeoAccess and Network360 national data, 2022.

6 EyeMed internal book of business data, 2022.

7 Insured benefits cannot be used on Oakley® non-prescription or custom sunglasses, ski goggles or accessories, footwear and apparel.

8 Member access to PLUS Providers is only available in conjunction with the Eye360 product and is not available in all states. Out-of-pocket savings does not include premium.

9 EyeMed network analysis, 2023.

10 Additional prescription glasses allowance is available to qualifying groups. Additional prescription glasses allowance is for prescription glasses only and can be used on frame and/or lenses, with or without lens options. Not available in all states. 

11 Based on EyeMed Book of Business 2022 and Eye360 PLUS Provider Survey-Wave 2, conducted by the Web Opinion, April 2022. Out-of-network benefits are available at different reimbursement levels.

*Discounts are not an insured benefit. Special offers are not valid in the State of Texas. Fully insured plans are underwritten by: Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company®, Kansas City, MO 64111. 

** Insured benefits cannot be used on Oakley® non-prescription or custom sunglasses, ski goggles or accessories, footwear and apparel.