Notice to Ameritas members regarding Colorado Access Plan

EyeMed Vision Care, LLC (EYEMED) owns the managed vision provider networks that health plans licensed to sell vision insurance in Colorado lease from EyeMed. EyeMed offers 4 networks to its contracted health partners. The 4 networks are Access, Advantage, Insight and Select. Some health plans elect to build a customized network from the EyeMed network provider base. Qualified vision providers choose to participate in an EyeMed network and agree to provide eye care services and supplies in a manner that complies with EyeMed, Colorado and federal requirements.

The DOI requires our health plans to provide you with a network access plan for each network offered by EyeMed. Network access plans are public documents that describe health plan policies and procedures for maintaining and ensuring that their networks are sufficient and consistent with state and federal requirements. The EyeMed access plan describes how we build, maintain, and provide our networks to provide eye care and supplies to you through your vision insurance.

EyeMed Insight Network Access Plan

EyeMed Select Network Access Plan

EyeMed Access Network Access Plan