Online self-service tools make using our vision benefits even easier for our partners, providers and members.

  • Among the 15+ million funded vision benefit claims we process per year, less than 1% result in appeals and grievances.
  • We receive approximately 20,000 calls per day in our Customer Care Center – 40% of those calls are resolved in the IVR.
  • We offer translation services for 217 languages, including Spanish.

We’re meeting compliance requirements through ongoing, comprehensive initiatives.

Our compliance and reporting standards are structured around reliability, accuracy and responsiveness. For example, we support our clients through participation in CMS audits and mock audits.

We have the security and stability to ensure reliable experiences when it comes to vision benefit administration.

We understand the importance of a secure environment. So, we’ve been hard at work developing and investing in platforms for security and data encryption that evolves with industry standards.

Our data security and controls are built leveraging three leading software solutions that power our claims and administrative platform: Facets, SAP and Oracle. Through these systems, we can increase our connectivity by further enabling analytics and our clinical integration solutions.

We’re committed to facilitating exceptional experiences for members and ensuring they get the most from their vision benefit.

Members have access to our award-winning call center, which has been ranked among America’s highest-rated call centers for 7 consecutive years*. Plus, our member portal and app provide 24/7 access to benefit information and the EyeMed enhanced provider search.

*Purdue University Benchmark Portal independent assessment of call centers nationwide.

End-to-end eye care coverage

As the link between eye health and overall health grows clearer, the need for a complete solution has grown, too. Total Eye covers the entire range of eye care services provided by optometrists and ophthalmologists. This means more continuity, a seamless member experience and more comprehensive quality of care.

1 - EyeMed client satisfaction survey conducted by Walker, 2016.
2 - Internal analysis of EyeMed membership data compared to data from leading vision benefit companies, as reported in Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and new alerts