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Perks of membership

Here’s what your employees can expect when they enroll in vision benefits with EyeMed:

Pre-enrollment resources

How-to, educational and informational materials that you can share with employees.

Communications to increase engagement

A Welcome Kit (with ID cards), reminders, ongoing wellness education and content packs for more information. 

Ongoing support and digital tools

A 24/7 portal, mobile app, text alert, plus award-winning live support 102 hours per week.

An easy experience told by the numbers

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of members are satisfied with their benefits3

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of clients see us as innovative2

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of clients say we’re easy to work with2

More than 55 million members have experienced our vision. By providing more of what’s best, not more of the same, we’ve doubled our membership in 10 years, making us America’s fastest-growing vision benefits company.1
That’s how we know our approach is working. When you switch to EyeMed, we see that more employees enroll, more employees use their benefits and more employees visit an in-network provider.2


Young woman using smartphone, walking outdoors, smiling.
Young woman using smartphone, walking outdoors, smiling.

Seems easy enough, right? Let’s talk.

Your time is valuable. The good news is you don’t need to spend a ton of time to get a lot in return with us. Click or tap to get in touch with an EyeMed rep.

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1 - Internal analysis of EyeMed membership data (based on domestic membership, excluding discount lives) compared to data from leading vision benefit companies, as reported in publicly available information, 2018.
2 - EyeMed external satisfaction surveys, conducted by Walker and Convergys, 2018. 
3 -  EyeMed book of business data, 2018.