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EyeMed Appointment Process

1. Request to be appointed to sell commercial groups

Do one of the following: 

2. Receive your appointment paperwork

  • EyeMed will send your appointment paperwork to you via DocuSign. If you request that the appointment paperwork be sent to you via email, EyeMed will send as a PDF.

3. Complete and submit your appointment paperwork

4. Appointment paperwork processed by EyeMed and appropriate underwriter

  • Once the appointment paperwork is received, EyeMed will work with our underwriter to process and finalize the paperwork. Don’t worry, we’ll be in contact throughout this process to answer questions and provide status updates.

5. Appointment approved

  • Congrats! Once approved you will receive an underwriter approval letter and email confirmation that you can start selling groups with EyeMed.
Businessman using a smartphone by a canal.
Businessman using a smartphone by a canal.

Looking to get in touch?

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