eSignature: Renewing has never been easier


When you’re trying to communicate important information quickly, easily and accurately, there’s a better way. It’s called EyeMed eSignature.

It’s our radically simple and fast way of completing paperwork with brokers and clients. Since rolling this out in 2015, we’ve seen an increase in completed paperwork and a decrease in keying errors. It’s so effective that we’ve made it a requirement for renewing groups with less than 5,000 eligible employees.

Here’s how eSignature works:

Our customized templates are distributed and filled out electronically. Users must complete the required fields and selections for the process to move forward. When forms are completed in one stage, they’re automatically forwarded to the next part in the process. And, there’s a queue that tracks the entire process – including deadlines – and sends reminder e-mails.

Check out these top 9 reasons to love eSignature:

  1. Be confident that your paperwork is received in full the first time
  2. Faster than faxing
  3. Eliminates rekeying errors
  4. Secure and private
  5. Conveniently works on any device
  6. Earth-friendly
  7. Digital tracking of paperwork in process
  8. It’s an EyeMed requirement
  9. Signed paperwork is easily distributed to you, your broker and your EyeMed account manager

eSignature is just one more reason we’ve seen 100% implementation satisfaction for the past decade. But hey, see for yourself. Check out this quick video of the process and let us know what you think.