Members on the go? Now their benefits are, too.

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Empowering members to make smart choices no matter where their vision benefits take them—to us, it’s imperative.

And it’s why we reimagined the EyeMed App. It brings all the features of our new Member Web right to our members, wherever they go and whenever they need it.

With the new EyeMed App, EyeMed members have the power to make their vision care fit neatly into their busy lives. From the enhanced Provider Locator to reminders and wellness interactives, we’ve packed the app with features that go above and beyond the basics. It’s all in the name of helping employees get the most from their benefits. Fast, easy, and even on the go. 

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Features members love plus new features to explore:

• Benefits and eligibility
• Claims tracking
• Special offers to help members save more
• Provider Locator to find in-network eye doctors
• ID card at-a-shake
• Upcoming exam reminders
• Helpful FAQs
• Contact lens replacement reminders
• Wellness interactives to help members see and live their best
• Facial Recognition, Touch ID and Apple Wallet for Apple users

See the EyeMed App in action
>> Watch the video demo

Are employees still using the old app?

Make sure to let your employees know: to keep up with the latest features, they’ll need to download the newest version of the EyeMed App as older versions will no longer be supported. Fortunately, there’s no need to re-register—their existing login info is all they need. They can rate the app, too.

Wherever our members go, whatever they see, we make sure they take their benefits along with the EyeMed App.

Available in the App Store and Google Play Store.