With Eye360’s additional pair allowance, members will be seeing double

Hero Image More than blurry vision

According to the Vision Council, nearly 40 percent of Americans who wear glasses regularly use 2 or more pairs of glasses.1

But not everyone decides on an additional pair. Why? It might be the cost; typically, vision insurance benefits cover just one pair of glasses. Fortunately, “typical” isn’t part of the EyeMed experience.

EyeMed is the only vision insurance benefit to offer a $100 additional pair allowance (on top of members’ existing 40 percent off a second pair discount).2,3

Eye360 members who visit a PLUS Provider now have access to a $100 allowance on a second pair glasses benefit2—on top of our industry-leading 40 percent off a second pair discount3 and $50 frame allowance. That adds up to a 72 percent savings versus retail on an additional pair.Best of all, we keep saving simple with no paperwork or promo codes—it’s built right into the plan.

Even contact-lens wearers enjoy having a pair of glasses around for when they aren’t wearing their contacts. With Eye360, if contact lens users want to purchase contacts and a pair of glasses in the same year, the benefit applies to them, too. They can now use their primary benefit on the contacts, then the additional pair allowance on their prescription glasses when visiting a PLUS Provider.


Sometimes glasses get lost. Or they get damaged when the new puppy gets a hold of them. Or when they’re stepped on while we’re looking for them. When life happens, it’s always practical to have an additional pair. And for contact lens wearers, having a pair of prescription glasses is handy and convenient.

With over 5,600 PLUS Providers nationwide, including independent, retail and online options, members will find plenty of locations nearby. Through this robust network, members can use their $0 copay eye exam, $50 frame allowance and $100 additional glasses benefit, along with their 40 percent off a second pair discount. Learn more about the perks of vising a PLUS Provider in this video.

Protection against UV rays

Eye360’s additional pair allowance covers prescription sunglasses, too. Sunglasses are beyond practical for driving, outdoor sports, summer trips to the beach, or working in the yard—especially since most sunglasses offer UV protection that regular glasses may not. Even if summer sunshine is a long way off, sunglasses are still an excellent line of defense for the eyes—fresh snow can reflect as much as 80 percent of UV radiation.5

Staying stylish

It’s no secret: glasses help people live their (fashionable) vision. Any fashionista knows accessories like glasses are the key to customizing and completing any outfit. An additional pair of glasses may be just what’s needed when switching from day to evening, or office to weekend. Check out this video to learn more about EyeMed's additional glasses benefit automatically applied when members visit a PLUS Provider.

Protection against blue light

In 2022, American workers spent an average of 11-13 hours per day looking at or working on their electronic devices.6 During that time, the eyes take in blue light, known to contribute to cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, dry-eye and digital eye strain.5 If members work even a few hours per day with screens, a pair of prescription computer glasses—which filter blue light, reduce glare, and are optimized for eye-to-screen distance—could be right for them. And don’t forget: blue-light-filtering lenses are available for progressive lenses, too. Read more about types of lenses in this related Visionary blog article: Eyeglass lenses explained—a guide to lens types, materials and enhancements.

Learning more

For more information about Eye360 and our additional pair allowance, contact your EyeMed representative or visit eyemed.com.


1 “VisionWatch Vision Correction and Frame Report”; The Vision Council; thevisioncouncil.org; December 2021.

2 Additional prescription glasses allowance is available to qualifying groups. Additional prescription glasses allowance is for prescription glasses only and can be used on frame and/or lenses, with or without lens options. Not available in all states. 

3 Discounts are not insured benefits.

4 Based on EyeMed Book of Business 2022 average member out-of-pocket cost.

5 “Sun safety throughout the seasons”; Government of Canada; canada.ca; Modified June 22, 2022.

6 Belden, M. E.; “Has WFH changed the way we see?”; All About Vision; allaboutvision.com; June 15 2022.

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