Vision benefits can be both convenient and fashionable: Nicole's story


Adulthood comes with many changes — including to your eyes. Nicole Rashid is a young professional who has been an EyeMed member for 2 years, and she took the time to talk to us about her vision care story.

Like many families, hers has a family history of eye disease. This makes it very important for Nicole to not only get her eyes checked annually, but also learn as much as she can about maintaining the health of her eyes.

Nicole relies on her vision benefits to help make sure the changes to her eye health don’t come by surprise. Plus, she said the vision benefits help her look her best at her job, while saving money.

Nicole shared that she trusts her eye doctor very much and loves that she can learn more with each visit.

“Every time I’m there, I learn more about my eyes and my eye health. They are so nice and helpful.”

She makes an important point that even for those who don’t need to wear glasses or contacts, regular eye exams are important in detecting vision and other serious health issues early (conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes.)

As a young professional, Nicole values the convenience of using her EyeMed benefits. She’s never worried about finding an eye care provider quickly.

“Providers are everywhere,” Nicole said. “The website makes it so easy to find one who’s in my plan’s network.”

So what’s Nicole’s favorite part of being an EyeMed member? It’s how up-to-date and on-trend all the frame styles are that she can choose from with her benefits. Since she wears her glasses daily, she’s aware that it’s the one accessory that everyone will notice right away, so it’s important to her to find the perfect pair.

“There are so many frames to choose from. It makes it so hard,” Nicole said. “But the variety is great. I definitely recommend bringing a friend!”