New Year reflections on 30 years through service: helping the world see, on the job and off

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Erin Putman
National Account Manager

This past year, EyeMed and OneSight both turned 30. Each organization reached this milestone by doing what we do best—helping the world see. To highlight our mutual accomplishment, I chatted with some of my friends and colleagues about how vision and giving back has touched their daily lives, both on and off the job. Here’s what they shared.

EyeMed employees on giving back and good eyesight

Amy Geltz, sales support manager

Vision is personal to me because I have very poor eyesight. I got my first pair of glasses when I was 7 years old and used to shove them in the back of my desk because I hated wearing them. Eventually after a few broken pairs, I started wearing them daily and became a straight-A student. Now, I can’t imagine waking up every day and not being able to pop in my contacts or put on my glasses. That’s why OneSight is important to me—because I’m able to give the gift of sight to others, and it allows me and my company to find the compassion within ourselves, stay attached to our values and remember what’s truly important.

Jarbas Pinheiro, senior strategy manager

We have many senses—touch, taste, hearing, smell—but for me, vision is the most important one. It’s how we see the world. It’s how we understand and interpret our reality. When I think of how many people around the world have poor eyesight and no access to glasses, I think about what a huge impact OneSight has to millions of people. That’s why our commitment to OneSight to help solve the world’s vision crisis is so important. I’m so proud to be a part of a company that gives back in such a big way.

See this video message by Jarbas and Amy while volunteering with OneSight at the Blackfeet Nation Indian reservation in northwest Montana, where they helped 1,500 patients in 1 week.

Brian Goetsch, senior director of business development

Without vision, you miss the world around you. It’s hard to learn, advance or grow if you can’t see what’s happening...whether that’s at school, at work or in retirement. OneSight gives people the chance to see the world around them. It gives kids the opportunity to learn. It gives adults the opportunity to grow professionally. And it gives our seniors a better chance to enjoy life and manage their overall healthcare. Through OneSight, we are able to engage our local and global communities in a way that truly brings these issues to life. We’re able to make clear vision more than just an idea or an aspiration—we’re able to make it a reality.

George Martinez, director of operations

I got my first pair of glasses when I was 8 years old. I was a -5.00 and a -5.50 with astigmatism. From very early on, I understood how important seeing clearly was; without my glasses, the world was just not the same. It’s why giving back through OneSight is so important to me. It’s amazing to travel the world to help others receive much needed eye care. I know that a simple pair of glasses can change your life—because it changed mine.

Judy Stoll, sales executive

It’s important to give back as individuals and as a company, to help others reach their full potential and to spread love and hope to all humans. Through OneSight, we have the opportunity to do just that and make a positive change in the world. And that’s rather cool! Being able to see the world around you is the joy of getting to see your loved ones. When I think about vision, I think about my nieces and nephew. Seeing their smiling faces has been the best part of my life for the last 4 years. I can’t imagine a life where I could not see these humans I love so much.

Watch this short video message Judy recorded in 2018 during her OneSight clinic in Brazil, where the team tested innovative new mobile eye care technology while traveling by riverboat to remote villages of the Amazon region.

Julia Fannin, account executive

I believe that when we see better, we live better. At EyeMed, we provide comprehensive vision benefits to our clients and members, and through OneSight, we also get to make the world a better place. Working via a computer and phone all day can sometimes seem impersonal, and OneSight brings my job full circle. Whether I volunteer leading sessions in the OneSight resource center or participating on OneSight vision clinics, it helps put everything into perspective. Giving the gift of sight is truly one of the best feelings ever. The volunteer work allows kids to perform better in school and adults to become more successful earning a living. That’s why OneSight is my passion; it drives me to be better both personally and professionally.

Learn more about OneSight and helping the world see

I hope you enjoyed these personal reflections as much as I enjoyed capturing them, and that you’re inspired to check out OneSight and see how you can get involved to help the world see clearly. Happy New Year! And here’s to EyeMed and OneSight turning 31 this year!

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