Savings plus more with PLUS Providers

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With PLUS Providers, wellness and savings are in sight

We’re always looking for ways to innovate and improve our vision benefits. That’s why we’ve launched a first-ever PLUS Providers tier within our provider network. Members who visit these providers enjoy enhanced benefits like $0 copays and higher frame allowances. Best of all, PLUS Provider perks are built into the vision benefit – no promo codes, no coupons, no paperwork, no hassle.

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PLUS Providers offer a whole new way for members to save

When visiting PLUS Providers, members receive an additional $50 frame allowance and $0 exam copay – on top of their base plan’s benefits. And when combined with other offers and discounts, it adds up to truly eye-opening savings. On average, EyeMed members save an additional 30% when visiting a PLUS Provider.1 Take a look at the value PLUS Providers can bring: 

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Choice of Providers

Our network offers a choice of PLUS Providers nationwide, including independent, retail and online options. With such a diverse selection, members will find plenty of convenient locations nearby.

What is a PLUS Provider?

A PLUS Provider is an eye doctor within the EyeMed network who offers the enhanced benefit.

Where can members find an in-network, PLUS Provider?

Members can visit our Provider Locator and look for the PLUS Provider icon. With thousands of PLUS Providers across the country — retail, independent and online — finding one nearby is a snap.

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Promoting vision wellness with PLUS Providers

Vision care is an important part of health care. So, we’re removing the barriers to receiving an eye exam. When members visit PLUS Providers, not only do they have an additional $50 to spend on frames, they enjoy a $0 eye exam copay. Just another way we’re helping to encourage your employees to be proactive with their holistic healthcare.

>>>It’s time to see vision in a new light.

The story behind PLUS Providers

How did we dream up PLUS Providers? It all started with our mission of helping our members see life to the fullest. That’s why in late 2019, we conducted a 6-month conjoint study of consumer attitudes to see which enhanced benefits members would value most. What we found was that on average, $0 exam copays and extra frame allowances showed highest interest to respondents. By adding these enhancements, we expect members to be more likely to use their benefits and Plus Providers may see an increase in eye exam appointments. Ultimately leading to healthier members and a quicker identification of any serious eye-related conditions.

Let’s chat the ins and outs of EyeMed benefits – including PLUS Providers. Contact us or reach out to your EyeMed representative today.


1Based on weighted average of sample transactions. Actual savings will depend on benefits, as well as frame selection. Retail cost based on industry averages. Some provisions, benefits, exclusions or limitations listed herein may vary by state. Discounts are not insurance.

Member access to PLUS Providers is only available in conjunction with the Eye360 product. EyeMed PLUS Providers are part of either the EyeMed Insight or Access network listed. Not available in all states.