Then vs. now: How digital technology has changed vision care


Technology and vision have long seen eye to eye, so to speak. From electron microscopes to camera phones to the Hubble telescope, humans always look for new ways to use the power of digital to improve their power to see.

So it should be no surprise that eye care itself has gone digital, from the first walk-in to the final fitting. Digital technology helps eye doctors catch more health problems, vision and prescription changes. It gives patients an accurate prescription and comfortable fit. All around, today you can have a better vision care experience thanks to technology advances.

Doctors in our network have used digital technologies for a long time. That’s not new. But digital now dominates the entire experience – and that is new. A quick look at how digital transforms eye care:

Getting a prescription

Old way: Manual Phoropter
New way: Digital eye exams

When measuring and mapping the eye, the more info, the better. For example, CLARIFYE® digital eye exams at LensCrafters, measures more of your visual system vs. just the central portion. It also measures the effect of different lighting conditions and pupil sizes on your vision. All the while, the CLARIFYE digital exam instruments are communicating and transmitting data automatically.

CLARIFYE helps make it easier to pinpoint and customize an accurate prescription. Even fitting custom contact lenses is incredibly precise. CLARIFYE measures a precise prescription starting point. For the majority of patients, digital eye exam technology like CLARIFYE at LensCrafters means fewer subjective exam questions such as “which is better . . . 1 or 2”, and side-by-side comparisons for most patients. CLARIFYE helps patients see their best.

Diagnosing vision problems

Old way: Ophthalmoscope and dilation only
New way: Retinal photography

Eye doctors can now add to the traditional dilated eye exam to record your eye health. Eye exams including digital imaging eye care technology can capture the most detailed information. The eye doctor can share it instantly with the patient using an image that makes sense, providing a quicker, deeper dive. And that means the eye exam is more meaningful to your overall health. (1)

Benefits of digital eye care technology like optomap can include early detection of life-threatening diseases like cancer, stroke, and cardiovascular disease, according to optomap, one manufacturer of ultra-wide field retinal imaging technology. Early detection means successful treatments can be administered and reduces the risk to your sight and health.(2) Digital images can be recorded for comparisons by the eye doctor in the future.

Measuring for glasses

Old way: Hand-held measuring tools
New way:
Digital measurement

An accurate prescription is important. But placing that prescription on a lens where it needs to be is just as important. Every combination of lens, prescription and face has a sweet spot where the prescription works best. Digital measurements systems like Accufit® are more precise than manual measurement --measuring to 1/10th of a millimeter.

The technology empowers an optician to look at the exact location of pupils, the spacing of the eyes and the shape of the lenses. It even accounts for how the glasses tilt and fit on different faces.

Trying on new glasses

Old way: Awkwardly staring in a mirror at the frame store
New way: Digital try-on technology

This is the fun part! All the digital tests, all the measurements and analysis, it’s all been leading to this. It’s time to find the perfect frames that look amazing and show your personality. In addition to personalized attention at optical locations, there are now fun and helpful tools like the myLook app at LensCrafters where the optical associate takes your photo while you try on multiple frames and you can send the pics to friends and family for a second opinion. What’s also great about this kind of technology is that it lets you look at your frame choices while wearing your current glasses so you can clearly see to choose.

It’s a digital takeover, all right. But the industry’s really just getting started. Eye care is growing more precise every day. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

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