HealthyEyes for better vision. For better health.

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Designed to improve employee health, wellness programs are no longer a nice to have. They're here to stay. Employers see the benefits from reduced absenteeism and lower health costs to increased engagement, productivity and satisfaction.1 And employees enjoy nutrition classes and fitness rewards, for example. About 70% of employees enrolled in wellness programs reported higher job satisfaction than those who were not enrolled in their companies' programs.2

Vision care helps with wellness, too

While often overlooked in wellness programs, treating vision care as preventative care may help improve both eye health and overall health. It's simply a smart health management strategy – and the reasons may have nothing to do with how well we see.

The eye is the only place on the body with an unobstructed view of blood vessels. With this clear view of the eye, doctors can detect early signs of diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol before other health care professionals.3  And early detection is key to improving the chances of positive outcomes. 

Keep an eye on your employees’ health with HealthyEyes 

That's why EyeMed developed its own wellness program—HealthyEyes. It goes beyond eye health to promote overall employee wellness. We proactively engage employees with education, outreach and reward programs helping them take control of their health. Plus, there’s no extra cost and it fits right into your overall wellness strategy. 

Disease capture and reporting – to help identify health problems and manage high-risk members
•    Access to providers with leading technology and diagnostic tools
•    Leading ICD-10 code collection 
•    Integration with health plans and disease management vendors
•    Risk assessment and reporting to identify high-risk employees

Member education – to educate and encourage members to take control of their health
•    Quarterly newsletter with wellness articles, interactive tools, quizzes and special offers
• featuring vision-related articles, videos and more
•    Customizable content with brochures, emails, articles and tools to tailor messages
•    On-site and virtual health fair support for answering questions and scheduling eye exams
•    Consultation with EyeMed's medical doctors for expert guidance on fitting vision care into overall wellness goals

Outreach and management – to reach members who may need extra help with their complex conditions 
•    Eye exam reminders 
•    At-risk direct mail explaining how eye exams can help manage health conditions
•    Diabetic eye care benefit to minimize vision-related problems early on
•    KidsEyes benefits including eye exams, lens exchanges, replacement discounts and more
•    Retinal imaging benefit to detect and treat eye diseases and chronic conditions early on

Motivating eyeRewards – to reward employees who take care of their vision health
•    Extra savings at retailers like Sunglass Hut after getting an eye exam
•    Chances to win prizes for completing wellness quizzes and surveys
•    Fun, bite-sized tips for taking care of their vision and health

HealthyEyes connects you and your employees with the resources and support to help them see and live life to the fullest. And help you save money.

To give your employees total health and wellness, contact your EyeMed representative. Or visit


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