Getting the most for their money: What your employees need to know at the end of the year


The end of the year can mean a flurry of holiday shopping, family get-togethers and a notable uptick in an already busy pace of life. With so much going on around the holidays, it can feel challenging to squeeze in one more activity.

But consider: your employees have been paying for benefits all year, so now could be their last chance to make sure they get the most value out of them. For many employers, benefits packages start anew on January 1, which makes it especially important not to let any “use them or lose them” benefits go to waste.

Holiday shopping late in the evening or on weekends? It’s a great time for an eye exam

While primary care or other doctor appointments may be hard to come by late in the year, eye exams can be readily scheduled with EyeMed’s network – with many locations offering night and weekend appointments. Members can use our mobile app and provider locator to find a convenient location—many in or near shopping centers – and even schedule their appointment online.1

And here’s a tip: many people don’t realize that vision prescriptions are generally valid for 1 to 2 years, depending on state of residence. So, even if you can’t get your annual eye exam scheduled, employees with a valid prescription may want to think about using their benefits on an eyewear purchase.

Shop for some eyewear…at a discount 

Now is also the time to use remaining flexible spending account (FSA) dollars – and prescription eyewear can be one of the more enjoyable ways to spend them.

What about that extra pair of glasses to keep at work or in the car? Or maybe some sporty prescription shades for that ski or beach trip? Your employees can apply FSA funds to lens or frame upgrades chosen after using benefits, or even prescription sunglasses.

Most in-network providers offer additional discounts when using your EyeMed benefits, such as 40% off a second complete pair of prescription glasses or savings on non-prescription sunglasses.2 EyeMed members can unlock additional offers and discounts when they log in on EyeMed’s Member Web or the mobile app.

Share the savings with employees

Before 2018 is history, encourage your employees to make a little extra time for themselves and use those vision benefits. Download and share this resource to help your employees save on their purchase.

1 Online appointment scheduling available at participating in-network providers.
2 Available at participating in-network providers. Restrictions may apply.