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Let’s eradicate the vision care crisis—together

Seeing life to the fullest isn’t just for EyeMed members. We’re dedicated to helping solve the world vision care crisis for everyone, once and for all. By teaming up with OneSight and employers like you, we’re working together to do just that.

As a Gold Sponsor, EyeMed is partnering with OneSight to power the Donate For Good program, which lets you and your employees donate, collect, and ship used glasses for recycling. And for every pair your employees add to the box, we’ll donate $5 to OneSight. That donation will go directly toward providing eye exams, glasses, and permanent vision centers for the people and places that need eye care the most.

Old glasses can do wonders

A single pair of donated glasses may not look like much, especially if the lenses are missing or the frame is damaged. But to 1.1 billion people worldwide—that’s 1 in 7 people—with vision loss and lack of access to vision care, your glasses can make all the difference. They’ll help people all over the world see their loved ones clearly, move confidently through their day, do their best in school or on the job, and so much more.

Transforming lives

In addition to making used glasses like new again, EyeMed’s $5 donation for every pair of glasses donated helps bring vision care to communities across the globe. Whether it’s brand-new vision care centers for areas used to going without, or bringing eye exams directly to people who need it, OneSight makes sure that donation changes the way people see the world.

How to get your employees involved

Participating is easy—just reach out to your account rep. We’ll get you set up with a Donate For Good collection box and everything you need to ship those used glasses back to us.

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OneSight is an independent nonprofit that works with donors, volunteers, partners and sponsors, to bring eye exams, glasses and permanent vision centers to the people and places that need eye care the most. Learn more at

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